50,000 People to Get Benefit from Qatar’s ‘Our Eid is One Initiative’

Qatar govt, Embassies and Communities representatives group picture 02 August 2020

Doha, 02 August 2020

The Qatar government launched 2nd initiative ‘Our Eid Is One’ in presence of representatives of 17 expatriate communities living in Qatar along with officials of Qatar Charity and Ooredoo Telecommunication. The motive behind the initiative was to ensure welfare of expatriate communities with a message to stay at their homes for the prevention from spreading of Covid-19.

2nd initiative on Eid Al Adha was launched at the Qatar Charity Head Offices in Lusail City on first day of Eid Al Adha in collaboration of  Qatar Charity; Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour & Social Affairs; Ministry of Foreign Afairs; Ministry of Interior  and Ooredoo Telecommunication.

‘50,000 needy residents from 17 nationalities will be benefiting from grocery Eid gift’, said Ali Khalaf, Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour & Social Affairs talking with Ashraf Siddiqui, Editor www.asiantelegraphqatar.com.  He said that to include children from needy families in Eid AlAdha celebrations, around 3, 000 gifts were also distributed.  He said in addition, 4,000 gifts and Ooredoo recharge coupons will be distributed among the residents of Covid -19 quarantine facility in Umm Sulal and among the workers.

For ensuring coupons are handed over to the needy families, Ministry of Interior in cooperation with Ministry of Labour set up a Google registration link and shared that link with leaders of various communities organizations, being part of this initiative, while Qatar Charity coordinated with Al Meera Supermarkets for the delivery of food kits upon presenting the coupon.

Food coupons and gifts are distributed with the cooperation of  embassies of Afghanistan; Ethiopia; Gambia; Ghana; Kenya; Nigeria; Philippine; Pakistan; Sierra Leone; Sri Lanka; Tanzania; Tunisia and Uganda. Expatriate community organizations playing their role included Bangladeshi Community Organization; Filipino Community in Qatar; Permica-Indonesian Community Association; Indian Community Benevolent Forum; Indian Cultural Centre; Kerala Muslim Cultural Center; Kerala Cultural Center; Helping Hands AlKhor Indian Community;  Thrissur Dt. SouhrudaVedi;   Non Resident Nepalese Association and  Sri Lankan Community Development Forum.


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Editor and publisher Ashraf Siddiqui is a well known Qatar based journalist and a social worker. He has been in Arabian Gulf Peninsula over 4 decades and enjoys rich knowledge on Middle East affairs


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