Qatar : Pakistani Envoy Praises Qatar’s Efforts In Combating Pandemic & Support To Community Members

H. E. Syed Ahsan Raza Shah

Doha, 13 June 2020

Pakistan’s ambassador to State of Qatar, Syed Ahsan Raza Shah has thanked the authorities in the State of Qatar for their solid support to the Pakistani community in the wake of the difficult situation arising out of the coronavirus pandemic.

He especially thanked Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior, QCAA and Qatar Airways for their valuable support and cooperation owing to which more than 90% of the Pakistani Community members (who had registered with the Embassy to return to Pakistan) have already reached their homes through 37 special flights operated by Qatar Airways and Pakistan International Airlines.

The repatriated Pakistanis included those who were in Qatar on visit, short term business and family visa as well as emergency cases. The remaining would also Inshallah be repatriated in the coming days.

Pakistani envoy has lauded the efforts of authorities in the State of Qatar in fighting the pandemic and especially expressed his profound gratitude to Qatari authorities for provision of medical facilities of the highest standard to the affected Pakistani community members. The role of Qatar Charity and other agencies has been praiseworthy.

Shah thanked the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs for promptly and effectively addressing issues of Pakistani community related to employment issues.

He said that the Pakistani Community considers Qatar as their second home and fully support and cooperate with the authorities during the current situation and in the coming months and years, he concluded.

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Editor and publisher Ashraf Siddiqui is a well known Qatar based journalist and a social worker. He has been in Arabian Gulf Peninsula over 4 decades and enjoys rich knowledge on Middle East affairs


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