Vodafone Qatar, AMAN Center Sign MoU in Development and Digital Transformation Field


Doha, 13 June 2020 (QNA)

Vodafone Qatar has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Protection and Social Rehabilitation center, “AMAN” to support the Contact Center for digital transformation into digital best practices.

MoU signing ceremony was held via video meeting attended by Khamis Mohammed Al-Nuaimi, CEO of Human Resources, Vodafone Qatar and Maryam bint Ali Al-Misnad, Acting Executive Director, AMAN Center.

Agreement states that Vodafone Qatar will work on a program to transfer knowledge, train and develop human cadres in the hotline unit of the ‘AMAN Center’, exchange experiences between them, and create new digital operations that will improve the AMAN Call Center, as well as many advantages that will contribute to achieving the goals for both sides.

Khamis Mohamed Al Nuaimi said, “We are happy to be one of those who contribute and participates in making change for the better, because AMAN Center plays a vital role in our society, and therefore it is important to support such social work, within the framework of the social responsibility of our company because of our belief in what it has a positive impact that extends to many parties, and through this agreement we look to rely on our digital expertise and world-class customer service experience to support the skills of AMAN Center’s staff , and improve their operations and communications services. ”

Maryam Al-Misnad said, “Vodafone Qatar is one of the largest supporters of AMAN Center , where it worked with us in 2017 to launch safety hours to track and protect the child’s movement. Recently, Vodafone Qatar provided mobile computers and internet service to the AMAN Center’s children and women beneficiaries to benefit from the opportunity of distance learning, Vodafone Qatar is a strategic partner for us, and we hope to launch more new and distinguished initiatives for our target groups. “, she noted .

She added that cooperation with Vodafone Qatar represents a qualitative addition due to the company’s distinguished professional level in the world of digital transformation and development experience, especially in the areas of communications, customer service, and response to public inquiries.

She pointed out that cooperation with Vodafone in the field of training is just the beginning, as the Center intends to extend cooperation to other fields according to a studied plan, in order to maximize the benefit from the memorandum of understanding.


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