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Oviedo (Spain),  14 Apr. 2021 (Anadolu News) The Pfizer vaccine is highly effective in preventing COVID-19 infections, deaths, and hospitalizations, according to a new study in Spain. The investigation followed more than 116,000 nursing home residents, staff, and healthcare workers who were vaccinated in Catalonia starting late last December. Not only did the ... Read More
April 14, 2021M Ashraf Siddiqui


Islamabad, 20 March 2021 Official News Agency of Pakistan, Associated Press of Pakistan reported today that Prime Minister Imran Khan was tested positive for COVID-19 and isolated himself at his home, his Special Assistant on Health Dr Faisal Sultan said. “PM Imran Khan has tested positive for Covid-19 and is self isolating ... Read More
March 20, 2021M Ashraf Siddiqui


Doha, 16 Feb. 2021 (HMC) Clinical leaders and researchers from Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) have been named amongst the top two percent of researchers worldwide in a global list compiled by Stanford University. In a press release by Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar, the list was published by John Loannidis of Stanford University ... Read More
February 16, 2021M Ashraf Siddiqui


Doha, 25 Jan. 2021 Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) celebrated recently the success of the Urgent Consultation Service at Itqan Clinical Simulation and Innovation Center. Present on the occasion were 30 representatives and heads of departments that contributed to the implementation of the service. The service was launched in March 2020 following the ... Read More
January 26, 2021M Ashraf Siddiqui


Doha, 16 Jan. 2021 As the country continues its gradual lifting of restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) has announced a return to face-to-face appointments for outpatient clinics. As part of the gradual return to normal, HMC outpatient appointments will be conducted face-to-face with physicians in clinics. HMC will ... Read More
January 17, 2021M Ashraf Siddiqui


Doha, 24 Dec. 2020 (Qatar Tribune) WITH the first phase of Qatar’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign continuing at a rapid pace, community dignitaries and senior officials of the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) took the jabs on Thursday, the second day of the immunization program, to instil vaccine confidence among the people. Qatari ... Read More
December 25, 2020M Ashraf Siddiqui
By the United Nations


Doha, 21 Dec. 2020 A number of countries have decided to close their borders and suspend commercial flights to check the spread of a new coronavirus strain first discovered in the United Kingdom. The identification of the highly infectious strain has caused chaos across the world, with many European and other countries ... Read More
December 21, 2020M Ashraf Siddiqui


Doha, 15 Dec. 2020 (Qatar Tribune) By Ashraf Siddiqui The COVID-19 vaccine will be available for everyone in Qatar free of charge but will be optional and not mandatory for the general public, the Ministry of Public Health’s (MoPH) Mona Al Muslamani has said. She said Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) will be carrying ... Read More
December 14, 2020M Ashraf Siddiqui


Doha SOSO Care and Ellen Medical Devices were awarded 2020 WISH cash award in Spark competition and WISH Innovation Booster Competition to  for its affordable dialysis machine, respectively. The World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) announced the grand prize winners of its two latest Innovation Award competitions during the closing ceremony of ... Read More
November 22, 2020M Ashraf Siddiqui


Johns Hopkins Hospital Reports The first case of Covid-19 was reported in USA on 22nd January 2020, since then the country has reported 11,717, 953 cases, and 252,555 deaths as per Johns Hopkin report on Thursday 19 November 2020. BRAZI: The first case of COVID-19 in Brazil was reported 266 days ago ... Read More
November 19, 2020M Ashraf Siddiqui