2019 FIFA Club Cup: Draw to Take Place in Zurich on Monday

Zurich, September 12 (FIFA News)

A major milestone on the road to the FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2019 is looming, with the teams involved set to discover their paths to glory.

This year’s FIFA Club World Cup will kick off on 11 December, with the champions being crowned on 21 December. The dates of the tournament taking place in Qatar were confirmed on 25 July by the Bureau of the FIFA Council. In its current format featuring seven teams, the FIFA Club World Cup will again consist of eight matches, with the draw that will determine the pairings for the second-round matches and the semi-finals taking place at the Home of FIFA in Zurich on 16 September.

On Monday 16 September, the draw will lay out the tournament and give a glimpse of the hurdles the top club sides from across the planet will have to overcome if they are to lift the trophy on 21 December.

FIFA has arranged for the sports lovers to watch live from Zurich on FIFA.com and FIFA’s YouTube Channel, with proceedings set to begin at 2pm CEST.  Michael Owen, England hero and FIFA Legend will draw the names from the bowl. The former Liverpool and Real Madrid ace will select where the six champions from each of the world’s confederations and the domestic league winners of Qatar fall, with the action set to kick off on the Arabian Peninsula on 11 December.

Teams to be drawn

  • Al Sadd (Host)
  • Hienghene Sport (OFC)
  • Liverpool (UEFA)
  • Monterrey (Concacaf)
  • CAF Champions League 2019 winners (Pending CAF confirmation)
  • AFC Champions League 2019 winners (Final on 9 and 24 November)
  • CONMEBOL Libertadores 2019 winners (final on 23 November)

You can find a detailed breakdown of the full draw procedures FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2019 Draw Procedures

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