Qatar to Host 6th GECF Summit in 2021

21st Ministerial Meeting Group Picture

Doha, 04 Oct. 2019

State of Qatar will host 6thGas Summit of Heads of State and Government of Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) Member Countries. iIt was announced during the conclusion of 21stGECF ministerial meeting in Moscow.

Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi, the Minister of State for Energy Affairs, the President and CEO of Qatar Petroleum said, “The State of Qatar is honored to host and welcome the Heads of States and Government of the GECF member nations in their summit in 2021. We look forward to a highly successful meeting that reflects our deep belief in dialogue and cooperation in the effort to meet the world’s growing demand for energy.”

Al-Kaabi said, “Qatar is committed to the responsibilities it carries as the world’s leading Liquefied Natural Gas producer, foremost of which is encouraging regional and international dialogue as well as promoting natural gas as the cleanest of fossil fuels and the destination fuel in the transition to low carbon economies.”

This will be the second Summit to be held in Doha after the Forum’s first summit on 15 November 2011. The Summit will offer an opportunity for dialogue at the highest levels on the latest developments and trends related to the global gas industry.

The Forum’s 5th summit will be held in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea on 26-29 November 2019.

GECF, having it’s headquarter in Doha, Qatar, is an international governmental organization that provides a framework for knowledge sharing among its member countries. The organization is made up of the world’s leading gas exporting countries and was set up with the objective to increase the level of coordination and strengthen the collaboration among its member countries.


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