Dominican Republic Envoy Praises Qatar’s COVID-19 Control Measures

H. E. Dr. Federico Alberto Cuello Camilo

Doha, Friday, May 20, 2020 (Qatar Tribune)

By Ashraf Siddiqui

Qatar has responded admirably to the COVID-19 pandemic, with effective economic measures that have preserved the high financial rating of Qatar in world markets, the Ambassador of Dominican Republic to Qatar HE Dr Federico Alberto Cuello Camilo has said.

In an exclusive online interview with Qatar Tribune, Camilo said that Qatar tested an impressive number of over 20,000 per million at increasing daily rates and provided effective treatments on a non-discriminatory basis for residents, resulting in very low fatality rate, which is among the lowest in the world.
The ambassador said that it clearly reflected the timely and wise decisions taken by the Amir His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani.

The envoy urged people to stay home, wash hands frequently, wear masks if they must go out, and download the official Qatar government app to stay safe from the pandemic.

Talking about his daily routine during COVID-19, he said while the embassy was following the instructions of the Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas to work remotely and to provide only priority and urgent services, at the personal level, he was spending time with family and reading books.

The ambassador said the bilateral relations between Qatar and the Dominican Republic are in progress with a mutual understanding to promote Doha as a hub for tourism in the Americas and the Dominican Republic in the Asian continent. The renewed emphasis on health will enhance tourism between the two countries, he noted.

Praising Qatar Airways (QA), Camilo said the national airline of Qatar is doing a great job by providing services to stranded passengers in different parts of the world and delivering cargo supplies.

The envoy, who has trained as an economic researcher, said the lockdown has provided him with ample time to resume the publication of his weekly opinion pieces as well as producing and publishing research papers.

The pandemic, he said, would have a lasting impact on the style of working of people and many of the works will be carried out from home in the post-COVID scenario.

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