Al-Kaabi: Qatari Energy Companies to Extend Support to Counterparts in China

Picture Saad AlKaabi, Energy Minister AlKaabi

Doha, 12 Feb. 2020

Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi, President and CEO, Qatar Petroleum, expressed Qatar Petroleum’s solidarity with its counterparts in the People’s Republic of China as part of its government’s efforts to contain the coronavirus and to alleviate its impact on the population and the economy.

In a statement issued today, Al-Kaabi said, “I would like to express the support of Qatar Petroleum towards its counterpart Chinese energy companies to meet any needs that can support China’s efforts to deal with the Coronavirus and its impact.”

He noted that all concerned Qatari energy companies are already working closely with their Chinese partners to assist in identifying and assessing potential support areas, and that they are actively engaged in accommodating certain rescheduling or re-routing requests for deliveries of Qatari energy products to China.

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