Venezuela Ambassador Lauds Qatar’s Humanitarian Support to Countries Amid Coronavirus

H. E. Giuseppe Angelo Yoffreda Yorio

Doha, 17 May 2020 (Qatar Tribune)

By Ashraf Siddiqui
Venezuela’s Ambassador to Qatar HE Giuseppe Ángelo Yoffreda Yorio has praised the humanitarian support extended by Qatar to different countries in terms of aid and donations in the time of COVID-19 pandemic. The ambassador has also lauded Qatar’s leading role in repatriation of thousands of people stranded in different parts of the world.

Talking to Qatar Tribune, the envoy said, “Qatar has behaved in an ideal way that is expected of governments at the time of a pandemic. Unlike countries that are exploiting the pandemic to advance their selfish political and economic interests, Qatar’s actions have been based on the principles of solidarity and cooperation.”
Yorio also praised the measures undertaken by the Qatar Government to combat COVID-19 under the wise leadership of the Amir His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani to protect the country and all its residents.

He said, “Qatar has spared no effort in strengthening its health system and expanding its capabilities to overcome the challenges presented by COVID-19, while providing valuable assistance to other affected countries and keeping the national economy on the right track.”

The envoy added: “We Venezuelans wish the greatest success to Qatar in this fight against the global pandemic, and we reiterate our willingness to work together with the country in this fight. The pandemic calls for solidarity, cooperation and multilateralism, and not blockades and sanctions.”

According to the ambassador, Qatar-Venezuela relations are very friendly. “What we like about Qatar is that it does not discriminate among residents, and has no prejudices on the basis of nationality,” he said.

Ambassador Yorio urged the Venezuelan community in Qatar, and expatriates in general, to “follow the measures and recommendations issued by the Qatari authorities to fight the pandemic”.

Responding to a query, the ambassador said he and his family members are strictly following the directions issued by the local Qatari authorities by avoiding meetings in person, carrying out official responsibilities online, spending time with family and doing physical exercises.

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