Qatar Getting Back to Normal with Falling Coronavirus Cases: Belgian Ambassador

Ambassador Bart De Groof

Doha, 24 July 2020 (Qatar Tribune)

By Ashraf Siddiqui

The situation in Qatar with regard to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is changing daily and it can get back to normal in near future, Ambassador of Belgium to Qatar HE Bart De Groof has said.

Speaking on the occasion of the National Day of his country, the ambassador said that while the world grapples with the pandemic, Qatar has taken several measures to contain the virus in view of the rising number of cases within the country.
The ambassador congratulated Qatar for maintaining a balance between protecting residents from the deadly virus and resuming the economic activity gradually.

Groof said, “We normally celebrate our National Day with great fanfare, including a parade, dance performances and dazzling fireworks on the streets of our cities. However, this year, National Day takes place under extraordinary circumstances. For almost half a year, our interconnected world has been struck by a global health emergency. None of us has ever experienced anything like this, and the impact is profound. Our lives have been turned upside down in every possible aspect.”

He hoped that all Belgian nationals working in Qatar are in good health and their families are safe. Paying his deepest respect to the families of pandemic victims, he said Belgium has suffered a lot from the pandemic, with aging population having been the most vulnerable to the infection.
He also expressed his gratitude to the commitment and unremitting efforts of the healthcare workers during the ongoing pandemic, who put their lives at risk to help others.

He said, “The virus has affected our lives in various ways. The economy is suffering and jobs are under threat. However, there have been positive signs during the crisis as well. For example, airlines and banks have continued to operate and the best medical facilities have been available to people.” He urged his community members to stay in solidarity and continue helping one another amid the pandemic.
The ambassador added, “We need to offer moral support to one another during these difficult times as we wait for our national team to lift the trophy as European football champions next year. We will have a double celebration when that happens.”

He said that since its independence 190 years ago, Belgium has evolved immensely based on the fundamental values of democracy, peace, freedom and human rights. He said: “We are happy to work together with our Qatari friends in international organisations, such as the UN Security Council and the Human Rights Council to promote these principles.”

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