Qatar : Exit Visa For Govt – Semi Govt Employees Abolished Effective 19 March

Maj Khalifa Abdullah AlMohannadi

Doha, 14 March 2020

The exit permit (travel notification) for government and semi-government sectors that are not subject to the Labour Law exempting a category (5%) of the employees in the establishment that are determined by the employer in the relevant sectors, will be abolished, with effect from 19 March 2020.

Maj.  Abdullah Khalifa Al-Muhannadi, Director, Visa Support Services Department at the General Directorate of Passport, said that, according to this decision, temporary or final exit during the period of valid work contract is permissible without exit permit for the employees in the ministries and other government agencies, public bodies and institutions, workers In the oil and gas sector and its subsidiaries, employees of sea and in territorial waters, workers in agriculture and irrigation, and those working in private offices as well.

He explained that a category (5%) of workers in the establishment will be excluded as they must submit an application with their employer for obtaining a final or temporary exit permit. He pointed out that HR departments have been informed in the relevant sectors to inform them of the required procedures and steps.

The Director of the Visa Support Services Department added that these procedures were activated through Metrash2 and the website of the Ministry of Interior since March 5 to enable the authorities in the relevant sectors to add the employees included in the excluded category before the implementation of the decision begins.

A text message will be sent to those who are included in the category informing the necessity of submitting an application with the employer in case of wishing to leave the country temporarily or permanently.


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