Qatar: Doha Based Urdu Literary Forum Announced Recipients of 24th Annual Majlis Award 2020

Doha, 19 May 2020

Dr Syed Manzar Hasan, eminent fiction writer from Pakistan and Noor ul Husnain from India, are declared recipient of 24th International Urdu Literary Award for the year 2020 from Qatar. Mohammad Atiq, former banker and Chairman of prestigious Qatar based Urdu literary forum ‘Aalmi Frogh-e-Urdu Adab’ announced recently from Doha.

Prestigious literary award from Doha, Qatar carries a cash prize of Rs150,000 and a gold medal for each winner. The award is given every year to two literary scholars, one from India and the other from Pakistan, for their contribution to Urdu language and literature in the form of creative fiction and research/criticism.

Dr. Syed Manzar Hasan known in literary circle as Hasan Manzar, was recently chosen unanimously by an independent jury at a meeting held in Lahore, literary hub of Pakistan.  The jury was consisted of Dr Khurshid Rizvi, (Chairman), Prof Fateh Mohammad Malik, Prof Dr Mazhar Mahmood Shairani and Prof Dr Zahid Munir Amer. Daud Ahmed Malik was the coordinator.

Urdu language literary prestigious award ceremony has been held normally in last quarter of every year followed  by a grand Mushaira (poetry reciting session) as per Majlis tradition. The award carries a cash prize of Rs150,000 and a gold medal for each winner. Since 1996, as a life time achievement award has been given annually to two literary scholars, one from Pakistan and the other from India, for their contribution to the promotion of Urdu language and literature.

Dr Manzar Hasan is recipient twice of ‘Academy of Letters Award’, ‘United Bank Award’, Sindh Government ‘Shaikh Ayaz Award’ and ‘Best Book Award’ on his novel ‘Ay Falak Na Insaaf’ at the Oxford Literature Festival, 2020.

by education a graduate in medicine from King Edward Medical College in 1958 from Lahore, Pakistan also hold two separate postgraduate DPM degrees in Psychiatry from University of Edinburgh and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow, UK. He has served in Central Excise and Land Customs Hospital, Karachi, as a Surgeon at a Dutch Merchant Ship, then moved to work in a Gulf State, in Africa and has been teaching in Malaysia. From his very young age had literary atmosphere from his parents side and later spouse Dr. Tahira Manzar, a literary personality supported him meeting his thirst for literature in genes.

On his works in his own wordings in an interview with Voice of America in 1995, he had said that his stories are inspired and based on our society’s ground realities from the lives of  ordinary people, without any big dreams and lacks opportunities, victims of oppression and violence, facing pains and injustice.

Among his books on short stories include ‘Rehai’ (1981), ‘Nadeedi’ (1983), ‘Insaan Ka Desh’ (1991), ‘Soi Bhook’ (1997), ‘Ek Aur Aadmi'(1999), ‘Khaak Ka Rutba’ (2007), ‘Mangal Sootr’, Translated works in Urdu language from works of Hindi legend writer Munshi Prem Chand (1991 and 1998). Among these include ‘Prem Chand Ghar Mein’,  ‘Shiv Rani Devi’, and ‘Jhijak’.

Among books for children include ‘Samunder Mein Jang’ (2001) and ‘Jaan Ke Dushman’ (2004). Among his novels include ‘Al-Asifa’ (2006), ‘Dhani Bakhsh Ke Bete’ (2008), ‘Waba’ (2009), ‘Maa Beti’ (2010) and ‘Ber Sheeba Ki Ladhki’ (2010). and

Among his translated works also include ‘Waka’ (from Hindi 2010), ‘Insaan Ay Insaan’ (2013), ‘Manzar Ke Khutoot Kamal Azhar Ke Naam’ (2011), ‘Habs’ and ‘Ay Falak Na Insaaf’.

A drama series titled ‘Sadar-e-Mumlakat Ka Khudrau Phool’ is under printing.

He has couple of books in English language also like ‘A Requiem for the Earth: OUP’, ‘Karachi’ (1998) and ‘The End of Human History: Katha, Delhi’. (1999).

Noorul Hasnain, by profession has served with All India Radio is a highly acclaimed fiction writer, columnist and journalist of the current era. His first story ‘Insaniyat’, was published in Daily Hindustan, Mumbai, as a  student of 7th standard.

Noorul Hasnain was chosen unanimously by an independent jury headed by Prof. Dr. Gopi Chand Narang, Prof. Shafey Kidwai, Sheen Kaaf Nizam and Prof’ Haqqani al Qasmi as members.

Noorul Hasnain was born on March 19, 1950 in Aurangabad, India. His stories mostly cover social and political topics. Among his published four collections of short stories include ‘Simat’te Daire’ (1985), ‘Mor Raqs Aur Tamashai’ (1988), ‘Gadhi Me Utarti Sham’ (1999) and ‘Faqat Bayan Tak’ (2012).

Among his creativity in novels include ‘Ahankaar’, ‘Aewano ke Khwabeda Chiragh’, ‘Chand Hum Se Baten Karta Hai’ and ‘Tilkal Aiyyam.’

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