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Doha, 21 May 2023 Introduction Africa is projected to experience significant population growth, rising from around 1.4 billion to close to 2.5 billion by 2050, according to the 7th edition of the GECF Global Gas Outlook 2050. This, along with rural-urban migration, primarily by the youth population in search of better career ... Read More
May 21, 2023M Ashraf Siddiqui


Istanbul, 24 Apr. 2023 (Anadolu News) Ever since its release in November 2022, ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence-driven chatbot developed by research and development firm OpenAI, has been a topic of discussion among journalists regarding its potential influence on the news industry and media. ChatGPT is capable of automatically generating text based on ... Read More
April 24, 2023M Ashraf Siddiqui
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Istanbul, 26 Dec. 2022 (Anadolu News) By Hamza Karcic (The author is an associate professor at the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Sarajevo). In 3 questions, Evaluated The Steps Taken To Enhance Qatar's Soft Power And The Contribution Of The Latest World Cup To The Country's Image. How can ... Read More
December 26, 2022M Ashraf Siddiqui


NepalMinute, 08 Nov 2022 Sudeep Sonawane New Twitter owner Elon Musk Sunday started charging Twitter Blue users, or those with verified accounts, US $7.99 a month. He gained Twitter ownership after buying 9.2 percent shares of the social media site on April 4 and closed the $44 billion deal on October 27. Why ... Read More
November 11, 2022M Ashraf Siddiqui


Doha, 06 Nov. 2022 (Philippine News Agency) By Ashraf Siddiqui Tiny State of Qatar in Arabian Peninsula has gained prominent and prestigious status among the world body through it’s a positive and strong role in various sectors across the world. Its role as a strategic partner in the political arena in solving ... Read More
November 6, 2022M Ashraf Siddiqui


27 October 2022 By Ashraf Siddiqui Two new countries in South Asia took birth out of colonial British rule on 14th of August 1947, namely India (Hindustan) and Pakistan. It is second time in known human history of five thousand years of the region that majority Hindu population of the area got ... Read More
October 27, 2022M Ashraf Siddiqui


19 Aug. 2022, Daily Observer (Oman) By Sudeep Sonawane Is the world’s energy crisis tottering towards a bad-to-worse position? Oil market experts say this based on recent data. They point to the exodus of investors and hedge fund managers from crude oil markets over the last few months. Oil price volatility petrifies ... Read More
August 19, 2022M Ashraf Siddiqui